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One of the funnest, most rewarding parts of our work here at ISAN is getting to visit teachers and students in a classroom setting. But as much as we try, we can’t always teach in person! Whether it’s because of world events out of all of our control or because our educators simply can’t be in two places at once, we at ISAN want to make sure you have the teaching tools you need at your disposal. 

Here is a sampling of the topics we teach. Within the listed topics below you’ll find links to each topic’s page.

Each topic starts with a short video lesson. After each video, we’ve provided links to activities we call the Creativity Corner. These activities work as fun extensions to each lesson. We’ve created these to help you augment your classroom experience. 

Click on the topics below to get started!

Online Learning Topics

Who doesn’t like bugs?! Macroinvertebrates are a fascinating window into how nature works. Watch a video to learn about the life cycle of a few different bugs, and how their behaviors differ between bug type and even between life stages. In this video, Mr. Matt also introduces the idea of Indicator Species and what they mean for bugs, and for us. To watch the video and access the activities, click here.
What do wolves, elk, beaver and cutthroat have in common? No, this isn’t the start of a bad joke. It’s the start of a whole new lesson by Mr. Matt! Learn what keystone species are and why they’re important to the world around us by watching the video then completing the activities here.
Have you ever seen a tiny turtle and thought, “I want one of those!” But what do you do with a pet you once thought you wanted but can no longer keep? Releasing pets into the wild can have unintended consequences for animals already living there. Learn what can happen when you release a pet into the wild by watching the video here.
Do you know what aquatic invasive species are and why we really don’t want them around? In this video, Leah walks us through the key information on impacts, spread and prevention of invasive species. Learn about a few different types of AIS and why they’re so bad for our favorite places, then try your hand at some fun and challenging activities here.
Do you know why our planet is sometimes called the Blue Planet? Watch this video to learn all about the water that gives the Earth its nickname. Matt teaches us about the continuous movement of water that’s above, below and on the surface of the Earth. Watch the video here.
Here at ISAN, we love water. We like to recreate on it, we like to drink it, and we like to help protect it from invasive species. And we’re betting you like water too! Watch this video to learn about where all the water in the world is and how people use it. Then learn what you can do to use it wisely. Watch the video here.
In this lesson, we walk you through what riparian zones are and talk about the different types of riparian areas there are in the world. You’ll also learn about why they’re so important to plants and animals both big and small. Watch the video here.
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