Connecting youth to the natural world is an important part of education. ISAN works to provide educational lessons and modules to pique student interest, create new awareness of invasive species and inspire actions that everyone can take to prevent invasive species spread. 

We introduce youth to the general concept of invasive species, and dive deeper into specific topics and species to help keep the learning focus grow. The majority of our lessons are focused on elementary age students, but all concepts are appropriate for any age student.

For educators, we have easy resources that can supplement your classroom lessons or accompany our online lessons.

For educators who interact with students outside the classroom, our education kits are an easy way add invasive species information into a club activity, summer camp, or local outdoor youth event.

Several times per year, ISAN holds education workshops to support those who step into the role of educator without formal training. These events walk participants through the process of teaching students about AIS topics using our education kits.