Who doesn’t like bugs?!? Macroinvertebrates are a fascinating look into how nature works. Watch the video below to learn about the life cycle a few different bugs, and how their behavior differs between bug type and even between bug life stages. In this video, Matt also introduces the idea of Indicator Species as well as what that means for bugs, and for us. 

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View or print this PDF to explore ways to use what you just learned: Printable Macroinvertebrates PDF

Interested in seeing the mayfly life cycle unfold? Watch them flying around, hatching eggs in their natural habitat in this video from the BBC: Mayfly Life Cycle

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Education Video Series

Education Video Series

In this video series, three invasive species experts answer common questions about what their jobs entail and why they study the species they study. They also explain why invasive species are such a problem, how invasive species affect Montana and its residents, and what we can all do to stop the spread of invasive species.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Invasive species education is for anywhere you are. The lessons we have developed can be used in the classroom as stand-alone topics, supplement classroom concepts, but also these lessons are for the curious learner who just wants to open the door and learn about topics on invasive species and water.

Education Workshops

Education Workshops

The ISAN Education Workshop is designed to address the training needs of agency personnel, teachers or other adults working with kids. The program helps people become comfortable at providing high quality invasive species education programs when requested.

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