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Non-Motorized Boater Outreach

Current Program

The non-motorized boater outreach project seeks to engage non-motorized boaters through a combination of mass market outreach and one-on-one interactions with boaters.

Clean, Drain, Dry Postcard

ISAN focuses on several regions to tackle this work: the Greater Yellowstone Area, the Grand Canyon, and nationwide.

One-on-one interactions with non-motorized boaters help to emphasize that they have a role in AIS transport and an awareness of the action they need to take to avoid spread.

With this in mind, ISAN reaches non-motorized boaters in a number of ways. First, ISAN employees and volunteers attend regional whitewater festivals and other water-related events.

Second, ISAN is working to enable permitted river managers throughout the West to adequately teach and engage permit-holding recreationists.

Third, ISAN and non-motorized boating manufacturers throughout the US work collaboratively to ensure that non-motorized boating customers receive Clean, Drain, Dry message with each purchase.

To learn more about the program or to become a card distribution partner, please contact marya@stopais.org.