Forest Pest Program

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Invasive pest insects are a significant threat to our urban and wild forests. Gypsy moths, Asian longhorned beetles, murder hornets, spotted lanternflies and many other species have the potential to devastate our plant and natural resources. Just one species, the emerald ash borer, has killed tens of millions of trees and is rapidly expanding to new areas. The pace of global shipping has increased the ability of invasive insects to reach North America and we all need to take action to help protect our trees.

ISAN has developed a unique program that teaches people to recognize and report some of the worst invaders. This program uses fly tying as a basis for educating about the problem.

Through the Forest Pest Fly Tying Project professional and recreational fly tiers learn to tie fly patterns that accurately represent the insects we are concerned about.


Fly tiersYou can learn to tie

realistic pest flies and conduct public demonstrations to teach others. Learn more about the program by downloading our Forest Pest Project Fly Tiers  Handbook. 

Outdoor enthusiastsWhether you spend time outdoors hiking, fishing, camping or gardening paying attention to insects and signs of their activity can be a big help.  You can report unusual sightings to First Detector Report a Pest

Check out some of the forest pests we are most concerned about here

Forest pests can be moved on firewood. The next time you go camping remember to buy it where you burn it and please don’t transport firewood long distances. Learn more about firewood and forest pests here