Don’t Let It Loose

Current Program

Since 2010, ISAN has worked with western state governments and independent pet stores to publicize options for pet owners who are no longer able or willing to care for their exotic pets. If you are looking for options now, please visit our Don’t Let It Loose website to locate the help you need.

Why releasing a pet into the wild is never the right thing

Most pets released to the wild do not survive, and many suffer before they die. Pets are usually unable to find food or shelter in the wild and they are often an easy meal for another creature. If it does manage to survive, your pet becomes an invasive species that native wildlife may not have the defenses to compete against. Invasive species cause harm to the environment and the economy.

What to do if you can no longer care for a pet

It’s simple. If you have a pet you can no longer care for, you need to find it a new home – and never, ever, release your pet to the wild. If you are not able to place your pet with another caring owner, your best course is to contact an animal shelter, agency or even a pet store near you. The knowledgeable personnel in these places can help you find the right place for your pet. Use the resources on Don’t Let It Loose to locate the help you need!

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Non-Motorized Boater Outreach

Current Program

The non-motorized boater outreach project seeks to engage non-motorized boaters through a combination of mass market outreach and one-on-one interactions with boaters.

Clean, Drain, Dry Postcard

ISAN focuses on several regions to tackle this work: the Greater Yellowstone Area, the Grand Canyon, and nationwide.

One-on-one interactions with non-motorized boaters help to emphasize that they have a role in AIS transport and an awareness of the action they need to take to avoid spread.

With this in mind, ISAN reaches non-motorized boaters in a number of ways. First, ISAN employees and volunteers attend regional whitewater festivals and other water-related events.

Second, ISAN is working to enable permitted river managers throughout the West to adequately teach and engage permit-holding recreationists.

Third, ISAN and non-motorized boating manufacturers throughout the US work collaboratively to ensure that non-motorized boating customers receive Clean, Drain, Dry message with each purchase.

To learn more about the program or to become a card distribution partner, please contact marya@stopais.org.



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Boot Cleaning Stations

Current Program

The Invasive Species Action Network has designed boot cleaning stations that are an easy way to encourage cleaning and get the cleaning job done.

A-Frame Boot Cleaning Station
Tub Style Boot Cleaning Station

There are two different designs of cleaning stations – a tub-style and hose style – which can be incorporated into fly shops, bait shops, campgrounds, fishing lodges and more. Our boot cleaning stations use only clean fresh water, and no chemicals!

Do you have a cleaning station at your business? Let us put you on the map, contact us for more information.

Below, you’ll find our boot cleaning station directory. Use it to find a business near you that has a boot cleaning station. These businesses support protecting our waters from an accidental introduction of aquatic invasive species.

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