Classroom Visits

Current Program

Interested in teaching your students about the natural world? Invite ISAN into the classroom! Matt Wilhelm, our Education Director, has taught environmental subject matters to Montana students for twenty years.

Matt in the classroom

He will guide your students through a mix of hands-on and classroom lectures. No matter the topic, Matt’s enthusiasm for teaching ensures that students remain engaged while having fun learning.

Matt teaches a variety of topics. These include:

  • fish dissection
  • water quality testing
  • aquatic macro-invertebrates
  • riparian food webs
  • fly tying, fly casting
  • aquatic invasive species
  • Montana native fish
  • And more!

Contact matt@stopais.org for more information and prices.

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Ripple Effect Aquatic Learning (REAL)

Current Program

Matt taking the classroom outside, teaching by song.

The Ripple Effect Aquatic Learning (REAL) program provides a hands-on, place-based, real-life application to school subjects while instilling stewardship to local landscape and culture among students. REAL aligns with Montana Science Standards.

In 35 weekly lessons the program includes activities such as tying flies to imitate macro-invertebrates found in local waters, learning about invasive species and how to reduce their spread, discussions with local scientists to improve local biology knowledge, learning to test water quality, and much more.

The program takes a hands-on approach through which students gain appreciation of and a deep connection to the local environment. 

This program partners with a variety of community leaders including those from state and federal agencies, conservation non-profits, educators and parents. 

REAL – connecting kids to their local environment and science! To learn more about the program or adopt it in your classroom, contact our Education Director at matt@stopais.org.

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Train the Trainer

Current Program

As invasive species issues attract more attention it’s not unusual for agencies to receive requests from schools or teachers to provide programs dealing with invasive species. Unfortunately, many who are asked to provide these programs are not trained to lead educational programs and may be very uncomfortable at the task.

Train the Trainer is designed to address the training needs of agency personnel, teachers or other adults working with kids. The program will help people become comfortable at providing high quality invasive species education programs upon request.

Train the Trainer workshops combine presentations about how to work with schools and students with hands-on training and how to deliver programs. Training is provided on how to interact with teachers and schools, how to deal with students of various ages and how different learning styles impact the ability to reach students. 

Participants will be supplied with the materials they need to conduct these same activities for groups of students. All participants and will leave with confidence that they can conduct a quality program whenever they are asked.

Train the Trainer education trunks may be purchased separately from the workshops.  Please feel free to call with questions, or email matt@stopais.org. 

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Education Resources

Current Program

The Invasive Species Action Network has developed many resources that can be used by students and teachers to incorporate the natural world into their daily classroom activities.

Educators – next time you are teaching about a science subject consider using some of these resources to give your students added knowledge about their natural world. Most are most appropriate for students in grades 2-5.

Want even more? Visit our Ripple Effect Aquatic Learning page to learn more about this 35 week science-based program.


Video Resources

See Matt in the classroom teaching AIS.

Printable Resources

Use the handy, one-page Aquatic Invasive Species Background Information document as a reference for the topics covered in our education printouts. Click the links below for printable documents.

Read Me First! AIS Background Info for Teachers

Aquatic Invasive Species Crossword  (AIS Crossword Answer Key)

Aquatic Invasive Species Word Search   (AIS Word Search Answer Key)

Aquatic Macro-Invertebrates Crossword   (AMI Crossword Answer Key)

Aquatic Macro-Invertebrates Word Search (AMI Word Search Answer Key)

Cutthroat Crossword (Cutthroat Crossword Answer Key)

Fish Dissection Crossword (Fish Dissection Crossword Answer Key)

Fish Dissection Word Search (Fish Dissection Word Search Answer Key)

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