Current Program

As invasive species issues attract more attention, it’s not unusual for agencies to receive requests from schools or teachers to provide programs dealing with invasive species. Unfortunately, many who are asked to provide these programs are not trained to lead educational programs or may be very uncomfortable with the task.

The ISAN Education Workshop is designed to address the training needs of agency personnel, teachers or other adults working with kids. The program helps people become comfortable at providing high quality invasive species education programs when requested.

The ISAN Education Workshop combines presentations about how to work with schools and students, using hands-on training on how to deliver programs. Training is provided on how to interact with teachers and schools, how to deal with students of various ages and how different learning styles impact the ability to reach students.

Participants are given a trunk containing the materials they need to conduct the activities for groups of students. All participants leave our workshops with confidence that they can conduct a quality program.

ISAN Education trunks may be purchased separately from the workshops, though of course we recommend taking the training to get full use out of the materials. 

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See ISAN in the classroom, using what we teach in our Education Workshops: