How Do We Prevent Invasive Species?

Techniques to prevent invasive species are often simple, quick, & easily adopted!


As recreators, we all have a duty to leave our outdoor spaces better than we found them. Responsible recreation includes taking measures to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species. We can unintentionally introduce or spread invasive species during all kinds of recreation. Thankfully, it’s easy to prevent that!

Watersports & Paddling Activities

Always Clean, Drain, Dry your boat & gear after each use. Always stop at inspection stations – it’s the law!

  • Clean your boat & gear of all mud & visible debris in the water you just left. No chemicals necessary!
  • Drain everything of standing water. A sponge is very helpful for this step.
  • Dry your boat & gear thoroughly in the sunshine before your next launch!

Learn more about Clean, Drain, Dry practices at

Click here to see a map and other resources about Montana’s inspection station program.

Hiking, Biking, & Trail Running

Remove all mud, seeds, & other plant materials between hikes or trail runs. Boot brushes are a great tool to keep in your backpack or car. If your trailhead has a boot brush station at the trail marker, be sure to take advantage of it!

You can find a map of boot brush stations and more at


Much like with boating & paddling activities, it’s important to Clean, Drain, Dry your waders & other gear between trips!

Head over to to learn more about wader cleaning techniques!


Buy or source your firewood within 10 miles of your campsite to avoid the movement of forest pests.

The Nature Conservancy and partners provide great resources about forest pest prevention at

Responsible Pet Ownership 

Always remove any mud, seeds, or plant debris from your pet’s fur and paws after each adventure! Don’t forget to Clean, Drain, Dry their gear too!

Released pets can have huge impacts on our natural resources. It’s never the right choice to release your pets to the wild – always choose rehoming options when you’re in need.

Head over to for resources & to learn more about Montana’s pet rehoming network!

Want to know more?

Click on the links to learn more about species of concern in Park County and how to report invasive species in Montana.

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