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The Invasive Species Action Network has developed many resources that can be used by students and teachers to incorporate the natural world into their daily classroom activities.

Educators – next time you are teaching about a science subject consider using some of these resources to give your students added knowledge about their natural world. Most are most appropriate for students in grades 2-5.

Want even more? Visit our Ripple Effect Aquatic Learning page to learn more about this 35 week science-based program.


Video Resources

See Matt in the classroom teaching AIS.

Printable Resources

Use the handy, one-page Aquatic Invasive Species Background Information document as a reference for the topics covered in our education printouts. Click the links below for printable documents.

Read Me First! AIS Background Info for Teachers

Aquatic Invasive Species Crossword  (AIS Crossword Answer Key)

Aquatic Invasive Species Word Search   (AIS Word Search Answer Key)

Aquatic Macro-Invertebrates Crossword   (AMI Crossword Answer Key)

Aquatic Macro-Invertebrates Word Search (AMI Word Search Answer Key)

Cutthroat Crossword (Cutthroat Crossword Answer Key)

Fish Dissection Crossword (Fish Dissection Crossword Answer Key)

Fish Dissection Word Search (Fish Dissection Word Search Answer Key)