Watershed Warriors
The Watershed Warriors program provides a hands-on, place-based, real-life application to school subjects while instilling stewardship to local landscape and culture among students.

In 35 weekly lessons the program includes activities such as tying flies to imitate macroinvertebrates found in local waters, learning about invasive species and how to reduce their spread, discussions with local scientists to improve local biology knowledge, learning to test water quality, and much more. The program takes a hands-on approach through which students gain appreciation of and a deep connection to the local environment.

This program partners with a variety of community leaders including those from state and federal agencies, conservation non-profits, educators and parents.

Watershed Warriors - connecting kids to their local environment and science!

» Watershed Warriors Curriculum

The Watershed Warriors Curriculum was developed by Livingston, MT 5th grade teacher Chris Pavlovich who recognized how the watershed can be used as the basis for high quality learning opportunities. This curriculum addresses the Montana Common Core Standards for education and covers math, science, English language arts, writing, speaking and listening, and Indian Education for All standards. As originally developed, the curriculum addresses 66% of 5th grade science standards (standards change and the percentage may now be different). The lessons can be easily adapted to other grade standards or regional topics.

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To learn more about the development of the curriculum and how it aligns to standards contact Chris Pavlovich

To learn more about how ISAN supports Watershed Warriors program, please contact our Education Director