What are the Impacts of Invasive Species?

Invasive species have profound & broad impacts on our ecosystems, municipal & industrial infrastructure, & agricultural processes. 


Park County is a critical location for the prevention of invasive species. It serves as a refuge for wildlife & fisheries, playground for recreators,  prime area for agricultural production, & beloved home to many. 

Wildlife & Fisheries Impacts

Invasive species are a leading cause of global biodiversity loss. Some of the ways they impact our native wildlife & fisheries are by outcompeting for available food & habitat resources, changing or damaging habitat structures, or reducing overall habitat quality.

Two examples of species of concern for Park County’s wildlife & fisheries are:

New Zealand Mudsnail

Spotted Knapweed

Recreational Impacts

Recreation is an important part of life for many Montanans & visitors to Park County. Invasive species impede stream & river access, reduce streamflow, increase soil erosion, & alter fire regimes.

Two examples of concern for Park County recreators would be: 



Agricultural Impacts

Agricultural production can be severely impacted by invasive species. The reduction of biodiversity can impact crop pollination. Some invasive species reduce soil quality, change flood & fire regimes, & block water access for grazing livestock.

Two species of concern for Park County’s producers are:



Municipal & Industrial Impacts

One impact we rarely discuss publicly about invasive species is their impact on municipal, utility, & industrial infrastructure. Invasive species can damage irrigation & water infrastructure, reduce tree cover, alter fire regimes, & reduce community resilience to climate change. Park County residents & visitors alike are reliant upon working utilities.

Two species of concern for utility & municipal managers are:

Zebra Mussel

Emerald Ash Borer

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Click on the links to learn more about species of concern in Park County and how to report invasive species in Montana.

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