Riparian Weed Project

Madison River Weep Mapping 2010: Warm Springs to Silver Bridge

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Double click on any marker to get info about that spot.

Map Legend:
   Spotted Knapweed:   Red Flag
   Leafy Spurge:            Green Marker
   Dalmatian Toadflax:   Yellow Circle 
   Canada Thistle:          Purple Marker
   Houndstongue:           Blue Flag
   Hoary Alyssum:         Green Flag
   Yellow Toadflax:       Green Star
   Musk Thistle:             Red Star
   Burdock:                   Green Circle
   Field Bindweed:         Blue Marker
   Mullen:                      Yellow Star
   Oxeye Daisy:             Purple Star
   Bull Thistle:               Yellow Marker
   Poison Hemlock:       Purple Circle
   Scabious:                  Blue Circle
   Burdock:                   Blue Star
   Black Henbane:         Red