Get Involved with the Forest Pest Project

» Tie Flies

Tiers are the backbone of the program and we need your help! We need tiers of all skill levels to help in various ways. In all cases we are able to supply fly tying materials if needed.

Demo tiers learn to tie realistic pest flies and conduct public demonstrations to teach others. We provide demo tiers with lots of support materials – information cards, handouts, banners, etc. We need demo tiers in all parts of North America.

Production tiers help by tying the flies that we use as handouts when we present the program to the public. At a busy sports show we can easily give away more than a hundred flies a day so we are always seeking tiers who are willing to send us flies for this use.

Realistic tiers help by tying the most realistic flies possible. We use these flies to teach about the program. They are especially useful when we present the program to non-anglers who are typically unaware of the ability of tiers to accurately represent any insect. We use realistic flies to accompany magazine articles and in many other ways.

» Donate

Like all conservation efforts, we need to have enough financial support to maintain the program. Your financial contribution can make a big difference.



Invasive Species Action Network
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Non-monetary donation:

We are always in need of appropriate fly tying materials to use in the program.

Hooks, thread, feathers, foam and more are regularly used in large quantities, creating a constant need for these consumable materials.

If you are interested in a donation of this sort please contact us.
As a 501c3 non-profit, all contributions are tax deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.