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January 2013
Legislative season!
Legislative sessions are in full swing across the country and we are trying to track significant state legislation. So far we have not identified any new felt sole regulations that are being considered. However, that doesn't mean there are none. If we find any new felt legislation we will track it on our page about the Status of US Felt Restrictions

If your state is considering felt restrictions or any other invasive species legislation that you consider significant please let us know. Email us at newsletter@stopans.org

National Invasive Species Awareness Week
National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) is March 3-8, 2013. With a full slate of national events in Washington, D.C. and lots of state and local activities planned NISAW looks to be another big success. The NISAW website has lots of good information about how you can conduct an event so be sure to check it out. National Invasive Species Awareness Week

States Gear Up For Summer Boats Inspection
Although it is mid-winter, several states are already recruiting summer staff for boat inspection stations. Hundreds of temporary jobs are created each year and this is a great opportunity for a student interested in natural resources.

Montana is seeking 50 inspectors in all parts of the state

Minnesota has 100 openings for inspectors

Previously Posted on Facebook
We review news stories on a daily basis and post stories of interest on Facebook as we find them. However, we know that many of you are not using Facebook so here are the links we posted during October on our Facebook pages.

******* A reminder to those who follow us on Facebook: Facebook has begun to limit the number of people who receive our posts. Even if you have liked our Facebook page you may not be getting our posts in your news feed.The only way to make sure you are seeing our posts is to visit our page to see all of the content we publish.

Our Clean Angling Facebook page is where we post links that deal with fish, fishing, cleaning, boat inspections, and other issues of interest to anglers.

The International Didymo Conference is coming up on March 12 & 13 and the early registration deadline is just a couple of weeks away. Check out the draft agenda and register.

Tenkara USA has provided great advice for all anglers concerned about moving didymo

Canada gets tough!!! They have announced a $250,000 fine for anyone who introduces snakeheads into B. C. waters.

Campers who move firewood with them are really risking that they may be moving an invasive species. Here is good info

I've never seen anything like this! Catfish leaving the water to capture pigeons on the shoreline.

Should we allow farmed production of genetically modified salmon?

Waterfowl hunters have been urged to adopt cleaning behaviors, including cleaning dogs. Here is one hunters take on this idea. Do you ever clean your dog?

On our Invasive Species Action Network Facebook page we post all types of invasive species news including news about all types of invaders, policy issues and other items of interest.

California officials are delaying the imposition of boater fees aimed at funding mussel prevention efforts.

The secretary of the Interior has announced the new appointments to the Invasive Species Advisory Committee

NBC Nightly News has covered the tsunami debris problem in Olympic National Park. Check out the video

Florida's Python Challenge is well underway and so far 21 snakes have been harvested

Nearly 800 individuals have signed up as participants in the Python Challenge - a contest to remove pythons in southern Florida

Help Invasive Species Action Network every time you shop online through iGive.com!

The release of pet aquarium fish represents a serious invasive species threat.

Wisconsin is offering to pay a bounty to anyone who discovers a new occurrence of a listed weed.

The Antarctic is not protected from invasion. I have a series of links that illustrate the threat. First, an overview

Warming ocean temperatures are allowing king crabs to invade Antarctic waters and there is great concern about their impact.

Will a tiny insect invader change the entire Antarctic ecosystem?

Native Tall Grass Prairies have shrunk to less than 1% of their historic range. However, many landowners are working to restore these native habitats

Read a diary about the lionfish invasion in Belize.

Boldly going where no Trekkie has gone - the Star Trek message board has a new posting about invasives?

The battle against invasive tamarisk is working but some are alarmed at the results.

A remote wilderness beach in Olympic National Park is the latest place where huge Japanese tsunami debris has grounded raising concerns about hitchhiking invaders

This should get attention! British Columbia has a new penalty of $250,000 for introducing snakeheads

We often fail to recognize the potential human health problems that can be caused by invasives. Here is a new health warning.

January 2013

Happy New Year! This is our first newsletter of the new year and I hope it finds you all enjoying 2013. With the flu bug hitting most of the country, I hope you are all avoiding the worst of it. Unfortunately, I didn't duck when the bug came this way and I apologize for a slightly shortened newsletter. 

     There has been a little bit of a lull in the reporting of invasive species related stories during the past couple of months. However, new tsunami debris from Japan and the Python Challenge are stories that have been widely reported. 

   Across the country, there is a flurry of activity underway to insure that we are ready for the summer fishing and boating season. In many places fees and access are being discussed and now is the time to make sure you keep up on local issues. The decisions that are being made now will impact you this summer so be sure to get involved.

Bob Wiltshire
Executive Director ISAN

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