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Holiday 2013
A new twist on a Christmas classic
The 12 Days of Christmas is a Christmas standard that has been enjoyed for many years. In a new twist, the Michigan Sea Grant has produced an updates version that highlights some of the issues surrounding aquatic invasive species. For a bit of holiday cheer be sure to check out the 12 Days of Christmas - Aquatic Invasive Species version

Revisiting Darwin
 To many of us it seems like invasive species are a relatively new issue. However, even as he was developing his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin was thinking about the impacts of invasion. Darwin held that the ability of a species to become an effective invader would depend on how closely related the invader is to the native species present.

Known now as "Darwin's naturalisation conundrum", he thought that if the new species is closely related it would have a tough time establishing. On the other hand, species not closely related to those already in the habitat would establish more easily, and might become invasive.

New research now shows that the ability of a species to invade a new habitat is much more dependent upon the existing species relationships with each other. In brief, they found that in a system where there is strong existing competition between species an invader is less likely to thrive.  Read More

Previously Posted On Facebook
     We review news stories on a daily basis and post stories of interest on Facebook as we find them. However, we know that many of you are not using Facebook so here are the links we posted during October on our Facebook pages.

     Our  Clean Angling Facebook page is where we post links that deal with fish, fishing, cleaning, boat inspections, and other issues of interest to anglers. 

Oregon boaters are being reminded that it is time to purchase a new invasive species permit

Following the discovery of New Zealand mudsnails in Wisconsin, Illinois officials are asking anglers to be alert for the pest

The effort to protect and enhance westslope cutthroat trout in Canada's Banff National Park has benefited from federal protections for the fish and lots of private support

In an attempt to reduce populations of New Zealand mudsnails, Washington officials have significantly lowered the water level in Capitol Lake in hopes the snails will freeze

Will the Great Lakes be able to support popular fish like yellow perch and walleye in the future? New research highlights the threat from invasive species and warming temperatures

Hybridization with and competition from non-native species is one of the biggest threats to our native trout populations and Colorado green back cutthroat are the most threatened

Two California fly fishing clubs are working with other groups to try to remove invasive crayfish from local waters. So far they have removed more than 30,000

Arizona is increasing their enforcement of boat inspection requirements

Trout anglers in Wisconsin are concerned about the discovery of New Zealand mudsnails in a popular trout stream

The annual Burbot Bash is underway on Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Prizes totaling $100,000 are being offered and all anglers are invited to participate

Montana officials believe that invasive lake trout are likely the cause of large declines in the number of spawning bull trout 

Montana is continuing its fight to protect native bull trout from invasive lake trout in Swan Lake. The 2013 lake trout netting program has ended and the state reports good success

In the UK efforts are underway to poison lakes with invasive fishes

A new aquatic invasive plant, European frog-bit, is expanding its range in Michigan and officials are determined to fight the invasion

Habitat degradation will often contribute to a problem with invasives. Near Jackson, WY a decade long study shows why Fish Creek suffers from blanketing algae blooms

More than 420,000 Boat inspections were performed in Colorado during the 2013 boating season

Invasive lionfish are rapidly expanding along both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. These voracious predators are feasting on smaller fishes. Will this result in fewer angling opportunities?

On our Invasive Species Action Network Facebook page we post all types of invasive species news including stories about all types of invaders, policy issues and other items of interest.

Avocado growers in southern California are being warned about a new tree pest that could cause significant problems

Invasive crabs are having a serious impact on the native soft shell clams along the US east coast

The Internet is a wide open space where people buy and sell all types of things, including invasive species. A new study blames Internet sales for the spread of a new invader<

Invaders succeed for a variety of reasons. In New Zealand, native mantis are not cannibalistic but invasive mantis are. It appears that invader and native females use the same pheromone to attract a mate. However, when an invader attracts a native, she quickly consumes the native male

Authorities are using aerial drops of drug laden mice to see if they will kill the invasive Brown tree snakes that cause serious ecological and economic damage on Guam

I have not yet read the book Invasive Species by Daniel Simberloff but I have seen several positive reviews, touting it as a great overview on invasives. It is available at Amazon.com

Here is a new twist on utilizing invasives - toad-skin fashion accessories

Private investors are betting that a new fish rendering technology will allow them to build a profitable business harvesting Asian carp

Promoting the consumption of invasives for food or other uses is an area of considerable interest. A new study highlights some of the practical problems

In Florida, the 2013 Python Challenge brought a lot of attention to the problem of invasive pythons. However, officials say they will not conduct the effort in 2014 

Florida officials are testing a program that identifies qualified pet owners to be recipients of unwanted pets as an alternative to releasing them to the wild

Mountain pine beetles have destroyed millions of acres of pine forest in the western states where it is a native pest. Now it has moved east and a new control tool may be on the way

Invasive seaweed is a real problem in southern California. One expert says "it is changing the ocean"

Australian officials are quarantining all imports of Katy Perry's newest album. It is packaged using paper infused with seeds and designed to be planted. However, there is concern that some of the seeds may be from invasives

As with most islands, Hawaii has no native snakes and no snakes period. Unfortunately, in the past month, two snakes have been discovered on the island of Oahu

Representing some of the countries largest conservation organizations, the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species has released their vision for addressing invasive species

December 2013

   Happy Holidays! I hope that you all enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season and wish you all the best in 2014. This issue of the Clean Angling News is our annual Holiday issue that combines November and December. We have found a lot of great links that are included. Be sure to check out the variety of stories we have featured in this issue.

   I want to take a minute to highlight one of the stories that really illustrates the many ways we spread invasives without ever thinking about it. In this case, the famous American singer, Katy Perry found that her latest album sent to Australia was considered to be a "Biohazard" and all copies were confiscated to prevent the introduction of exotic species. It turns out the albums came in a package designed to be planted. The packaging material was filled with embedded flower seeds designed to be planted to produce a flower garden. Unfortunately, no one ever considered the invasion risk until Australian authorities confiscated the entire shipment. Read More

   We get more questions about felt bans than anything else and word has reached us that South Dakota is implementing a ban in 2014. For those who are concerned, our Status of US Felt Restrictions page is where we track every felt ban or proposal that we know of. We update this page whenever we get new info (note that we have not included the South Dakota ban until we get more info).

   I hope you will get in touch with me if you have questions or invasive species stories to share.

Bob Wiltshire
Executive Director ISAN

  Please send comments, questions and complaints to newsletter@stopans.org.

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