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February 2013
A New Direction for Managing Didymo?
Concerns about the invasive alga didymo are the reason for most felt boot restrictions. Dr. Max Bothwell from Canada has been the leading researcher making the link between anglers and didymo spread.

Dr. Bothwell will be giving a major presentation at the upcoming International Didymo Conference where he will present entirely new views on the reasons didymo becomes a problem and the role of anglers role in spreading didymo.

While I cannot share the details of Dr. Bothwell's talk before he presents it, I can share this from the abstract he has prepared. "The view of D. geminata as an invasive bloom-forming variant, often moved by people among watersheds, has been widely accepted. Now the view of D. geminata as an invasive variant/species is in question."

Dr. Bothwell's presentation is very focused on scientific discovery, especially into why some waters experience the blanketing algae blooms we have all seen. Many state and federal regulators will be at the Conference and it is very likely that the information presented will have a significant impact on how our waters are managed. It is not too late to register for the International Didymo Conference but it is only 2 weeks away so check it out now.

National Invasive Species Awareness Week
National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) is March 3-8, 2013. With a full slate of national events in Washington, D.C. and lots of state and local activities planned NISAW looks to be another big success. The NISAW website has lots of good information about how you can conduct an event so be sure to check it out. National Invasive Species Awareness Week

States Gear Up For Summer Boats Inspection
Anyone who travels in the West with a boat knows that boat inspections for invasive species are a new fact of life. Each year, more states add more inspection sites and existing sites are seeing longer seasons of operation. This year a couple of states have pushed their inspections forward and both Idaho and Oregon have been running some inspection stations for some time.

Meanwhile, the other western states are gearing up for summer inspection programs. Each of these programs requires a lot of temporary summer workers and many states have a tough time finding high quality people to fill these jobs. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a summer job that makes a difference be sure to contact the Department of Fish & Game or Department of Agriculture in your state to see what their summer staffing needs are.

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The International Didymo Conference is coming up on March 12 & 13. Check out the agenda and register.

The opening day of trout season in Missouri is expected to attract 8,000 anglers and officials are reminding them all that there is now a ban on felt soles in these waters.

In Wyoming, new regulations require any watercraft transported into Wyoming between March 1 and Nov. 30 to go through a mandatory inspection prior to launchings

Oregon officials are reminding all non-motorized boaters (kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, sailboats, etc.) that they must purchase invasive species permits

Oregon has kicked off their boat inspection program much earlier than in the past

Concerns about the invasive alga didymo are the reason for most felt boot restrictions. Dr. Max Bothwell from Canada has been the leading researcher making the link between anglers and didymo spread.

Add Donner Lake to the list of waters with special boat inspection fees

On our Invasive Species Action Network Facebook page we post all types of invasive species news including news about all types of invaders, policy issues and other items of interest.

Yellowstone Park is seeking comments about their Environmental Assessment to control invasive plants in the park

CBS This Morning has done a short segment on the lionfish invasion. Watch the video

National Invasive Species Awareness Week is March 3 - 8.

Here's your chance to vote - check it out

Florida's 2013 Python Challenge has ended and officials believe it was a great success

New research indicates that orchards are hot spots for West Nile virus

US customs agents are responsible for inspecting all imports to prevent new species introductions. Valentines Day presents a special burden - last year they inspected more than 840 million cut flowers during the holiday

In many waters invasive quagga mussels have wiped out the earlier invader, zebra mussels. New research shows the same thing may be happening with ants.

Debris from the Japanese tsunami continues to wash ashore on the US west coast. The newest discovery is from Oregon

We often focus on the economic impacts of aquatic invasive species. However, they also cause serious ecological damage. In this case, they are responsible for the death of thousands of loons

Although most people rarely think of them as invaders, domestic cats cause huge damage

Invasives are a global problem and the US has sent many problems to other countries. Here is a list of the 8 worst invasive exports

February 2013

As I write this newsletter the entire country is waiting to see if our political leaders can find the way to lead us out of another self inflicted economic crisis. One thing we all know for sure is that the constant budget fights in Washington leave the invasive species community wondering what it will all mean to their ability to effectively work to slow the spread of invasives.

Whatever the outcome of this latest fight (and those sure to come), I am comforted by knowing that every one of the government employees that I have encountered who are working on invasives is dedicated to making a difference. These are good folks and we all need to support them in any way we can.

As I reported last month, I don't know of any new felt restrictions being considered this year. However, if you know of a regulation under consideration please let us know. We continue to maintain a record of every felt restriction we learn of at: Status of US Felt Restrictions

As always, we are interested in any invasive species story you know of so be sure to get in touch if you have a story to tell.

I hope to see you all at National Invasive Species Awareness Week or the International Didymo Conference.

Bob Wiltshire
Executive Director ISAN

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